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GUNN: Beginning my long awaited journey into journalism
jaylin gunn

My name is Jaylin Gunn. I attend Newton High School. I am a rising senior wanting to learn the procedures that it takes to be a successful journalist.

My family originated from Monticello and Social Circle, but I have lived in Covington my whole life.

I found my love for journalism when I was young. Writing was always something I found interesting and intriguing.

I have always wanted to do something in my life that I know that will make me successful and blessed.

Throughout my childhood, I used to watch stuff like SportsCenter and love how the sports analysts used to talk about sports.

Even looking at the newspaper and seeing the sports page made me fall in love with the way that journalism works and how it functions on a daily basis.

With very little to do in this town, I find things that I love to do like watching sports, playing sports and fishing.

Watching sports and talking about it with my family has always made me want to be a sports analyst on ESPN. I want to pursue a career in that business.

I enjoy playing sports. I have played baseball, basketball and football during my childhood, finding love for all of them.

Fishing has always been something that I loved doing since my childhood, going out to the lake was something that always cheered me up.

These hobbies helped me see the fun in the world and how it can change your life perspective.

I have been in extracurricular activities since elementary starting with Boys to Men. That program got me started with finding more activities.

Some activities I did while growing up were being in the Beta club and Art club. These clubs have helped me grow into becoming a great strong minded person.

Some more things I have been a part of are baseball and NSHSS. I played baseball at Newton for two years and I have been a part of NSHSS for one year, getting involved in college tours.

These interests help me get to know people and how they live life. It also helped me gain a lot of true friends along the way.

I want to intern here at The Covington News because of the great journalism and writing that goes on in the newspaper and I think that it will get me started on my journey to becoming a big time sports journalist.

This internship will help me gain and grow the knowledge I need in order to work my way up to become a great writer and a great journalist in the future.

I want to learn the steps that it takes to become a journalist and the process that it takes for me to be great in the business.

I am very grateful and filled with joy to be a part of this wonderful team at The Covington News.

Jaylin Gunn is a correspondent and summer intern at The Covington News. He can be reached via