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Rowe: Valentines Day is around the corner
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I'm predicting it will snow again and I suspect some of you may think I've gone off the deep end but that’s why you read what I write. They don’t let just anybody write for the paper, you know. A good writer gets his or her facts from many reliable sources, which will remain confidential, but I guarantee you it wasn’t a ground­hog. No matter what the charming little General Lee says, most southerners know with six weeks of winter still looming you can’t rule out some more wintry weather before spring settles in.

While I was grocery shopping recently, I was reminded that Valentine’s Day was fast approaching.

Now that the kids are grown with their own children, making the holidays fun and memorable requires creativity and careful planning. Long gone are the days of simple homemade valentines made with little hands and big hearts. I quietly pondered what to do to make this year special.

A few years ago, Valentine’s Day fell on a Sunday which also coincided with the NASCAR race so that opened up a lot of possibilities. It’s pretty hard to beat a romantic weekend filled with fast cars, burning rubber, gas and oil permeating the air.

I had the opportunity to spend the weekend prior to Valentine’s Day at a business convention in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. And then a light bulb went off and I knew I’d found the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day with my sweetheart. I presented the idea to my husband of spending a romantic weekend alone, but, our daughter and 4-year-old granddaughter overheard us and the word beach and assumed they were invited. What could I say? Not to worry, it could still be fun, I thought, until my husband asked, “But, honey, what about the boys? Let’s take them, too – after all, they’ve never been to the beach!” You’d think this family had never seen sand and sea.

I tried to argue that there would be mostly women at the convention, that I wasn't sure if it was a dog-friendly beach and that it would be too cold to go to the beach but I was fighting a losing battle. Despite my protests, it looked like I was outnumbered four to one. They really knew how to wrap me around their finger with those sad, pathetic faces and wagging tails. Besides, they’d already started getting suitcases and throwing in a few necessities. With their bags lined up by the door, how could I say no?

So much for a romantic weekend… I’m sure this trip will be anything but dull with a preschooler and two dogs riding shotgun. Their reaction to the ocean will be priceless but I’m sure I'll get plenty of Valentine kisses when I bring out the Valentine goodies!!

Beth Rowe is a columnist who sees the world around her and tells it like it is. She may be reached at