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Rove, Republicans are going rogue
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It should be understood that few of today’s Republicans are conservative. In fact, some are as left-leaning as any Democrat. Even more troubling, many conservative voters are being wantonly deceived because they refuse to understand that the Republican Party in its current incarnation is not our friend.

I’ve been off the grid and, for the most part, in a virtual news blackout, for nearly 11 days. During that time, however, every snippet of news I heard coming from Democrats and the media concerned whether the Republicans would "shut the government down."

What I heard coming from so-called Republicans was both overt and Machiavellian in condemnation of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz because he has refused to sell out the American people by capitulating to Obamacare. The bottom line is that the Democrats, the media, and Republicans are betraying the American people — and said betrayal will have a result as manifest as the betrayals by Judas Iscariot and Marcus Brutus.

I’ve been warning you, the American people, for many years that we’re being sold out by the very Republicans we elected to represent us. And any ambiguity about that should have been erased this past week. The question is: "Was it?" Let me explain. I expect Democrats and the media (and, yes, that includes Fox News) to blather on about a government shutdown. But the sad conclusion is that I’ve come to expect Republicans to be just as sinister and untrustworthy.

This weekend past, I heard a parade of Republicans in Congress braying about Ted Cruz and his efforts to have Obamacare defunded. The comments and Republican angst claimed that if Cruz were successful in his efforts to protect the freedoms of We the People, the Republican Party would be harmed because Obama would blame them for shutting down the government.

Obviously, the Republicans overlook what a mendacious liar Obama is, and how the lies he has told about Obamacare have been exposed. You’ve heard his lies: Our premiums wouldn’t go up; we’d be able to keep our own doctors; there would be no death panels; there would be no shortage of doctors; illegal aliens wouldn’t be covered; abortions wouldn’t be covered; and the cost of health care overall would be reduced.

It also seems that the Republicans who are attacking Ted Cruz are reluctant to tell us they are taking their orders from Karl Rove, who issued an edict that Republicans should not fight to defund Obamacare.

July 31, I said: "Karl Rove is telling Congress not to make a stand about defunding Obamacare. He claims Republicans standing their ground against funding Obamacare would give Obama a club with which to bludgeon Republicans going into 2014 mid-year elections and could result in Republicans losing the House of Representatives."

I also said, "I’m sick of Republicans looking for a soft place to fall after they cave in. Rove and his traitorous cabal of faux-conservatives want us to believe that if the House of Representatives fully funds every part of the government budget, excluding only Obamacare, and when the budget reaches the Senate, if the Democrat majority strips all the funding from the budget — thereby in effect shutting down government — it would be the fault of Republicans.’’

That argument is as specious and scurrilous as Rove’s public attacks and threats against Tea Party candidates in 2010 because some of them unseated good-ol’-boy liberal Republicans. Cruz is right. We need to stop Obamacare right here and right now while we have the opportunity. We have a perfect exdample of what Rove is once again proposing vis-à-vis reviewing Republican failure to defeat Obamacare by running against it in the 2010 elections.

It was Rove who at that time secretly urged Republicans to not campaign against Obamacare. With very few exceptions, Republicans did not make Obamacare the focal point of that election; if they had, we would not be saddled with it today.

Another thing the Rovian Republicans are asking us to forget is that just weeks ago, as I wrote at the time, Erick Erickson exposed one of the most diabolically devious acts of betrayal against We the People in the history of politics. I wrote that Eric Cantor, R-Va., and Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., conspired to have Cantor pass a Continuing Resolution (CR) in the House, which fully funds Obamacare, and then pass a fake bill that defunds Obamacare.

"The Senate [would] pass the CR, and throw the defunding bill in the garbage.

"Cantor and Session’s theory is that [we] conservatives are so stupid that [we] will clap like trained seals at the fake bill, and meanwhile not notice that the House just fully funded Obamacare."

And now we’re supposed to believe Cantor, John Boehner, Sessions, Rove, et al., are not behind the Republicans now saying we must not fight to defund Obamacare?

The only thing that would be more harmful to We the People than believing their lies would be to reelect them in 2014.

Mychal S. Massie is the former National Chairman of the conservative black think tank, Project 21-The National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives; and a member of its’ parent think tank, the National Center for Public Policy Research. You can find more at