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Reality shows should focus on Washington's misdeeds
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There was a time in professional sports (baseball in particular) that the reporters covering the game as a block refused to report on the bad behavior and even criminal activity that the player-gods engaged in.

Today there is nothing off-limits and nothing that sports reporters will not expose regardless of how salacious or petty.

Today things are reversed. The so-called mainstream media treats the elected like gods, refusing to report on the bad behavior of those in Congress and even that of President Obama, his wife, and his administration.

They turn a blind eye to the lying, the drinking and philandering, and certainly to the criminal behavior. They refuse to report on bills that are routinely passed and legislation that is slyly attached to bills that are totally self-serving.

These tacked-on bills are, except in the rarest of instances, not viewed, debated, or publicly acknowledged. They certainly are not reported on by the media. They are simply passed into law without the public ever having a clue about the legislation and/or its impact upon We the People.

If the media’s job is not to report the truth of what is taking place in the highest institutions of government, then what exactly is its job? I would rather hear factual reporting on the evening news than I would like to hear that a certain restaurant has cockroaches. I can pretty much spot uncleanliness in an eating establishment, but it’s another thing to spot governmental corruption and manipulation without having access to the inside of government.

Congressional Weekly and Congressional Quarterly are two publicly accessible publications that we can turn to. They are publications that I routinely use.

But the overwhelming majority of the public has no idea these publications exist — and even if some citizens have heard of them, they do not know how to gain access to them. (For those interested, I would suggest Googling them.)

Perhaps instead of having shows chronicling the dress an actress was wearing, or what actor was caught cheating on his wife, or what actor got a speeding ticket, we could have credible news programming centered on what is secretly going on every day that Congress is in session.

After all, which affects us most?

Perhaps instead of promoting a program called "Naked and Afraid" we could have a program titled "How Congress and Obama Tried To Stick It To Us Today." That’s a reality show worth watching.

The media refuses to report the truth about what goes on in government for the same reasons the reporters of old refused to report on the misdeeds of athletes: They enjoyed being a part of their misdeeds and/or they supported their misdeeds.

The media today is well aware of what Congress is up to. They see who tramps around with whom.

They know who the drunks in Congress are.

They have the easiest of access to report about what bills are being passed, etc.

Let me remind you that the mainstream media had to know that Dan Rather was using fraudulent documents to attack President Bush, but it was a blogger who publicly exposed Rather’s dishonesty.

Today it is the blogosphere that is the new media. We do not have clothing budgets, nor makeup artists, nor do we travel in chauffeur-driven Town Cars. The majority of bloggers are using more of their own money to blog than is donated to them. Most of us in the blogosphere do not get huge sums of backdoor, hierarchy money because we prefer to report the truth juxtaposed to reporting in ways that make government and the elected look good.

My colleagues and I have spent considerable time this week exposing the inner machinations of the corrupt, mainstream media machine that shills for illegal government actions and criminals posing as legislators.

Short of murder, John Gotti went to prison on RICO charges for less — albeit credible arguments have been advanced that certain elected leaders could just as easily be charged with violent crimes.

It is up to you.

But as I have said before, so I say now: You the public are being sold a bill of goods, You are leveraging the future of everyone else, because those in office and the media are fully aware that they do not have to convince everyone; they just have to convince enough. And they are doing it, because the people are aiding and abetting in the demise of their own freedoms.

Mychal S. Massie is the former National Chairman of the conservative black think tank, Project 21-The National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives; and a member of its parent think tank, the National Center for Public Policy Research. You can find more at