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PIEDRAHITA: Handling hospitalization during pandemic was scary
Dorothy Piedrahita
Dorothy Piedrahita

What is a virus? An infective agent that typically consists of a nucleic acid molecule in a protein coat and is able to multiply only within the living cells of a host.

Like millions of us have felt and are feeling we have been kidnapped by an unseen monster. And we aren’t able to escape. I have a fondness for horror movies, so much so I decided to reread Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein.” That’s actually how I’ve cast COVID-19. I fear COVID-19. Last summer. in one month, I wept for 20-plus friends who died from the virus.

I recently had surgery performed on my right foot. I fell Nov. 3, 2020. My foot started hurting on Dec. 3, 2020. My podiatrist was surprised by my

answer. After reviewing my X-rays it was clear my foot required surgery. COVID-19 had started to enter my life. The doctor’s offices have changed, the hospitals have changed. As I said earlier. I have a fondness for horror movies. I am now a part of the unwilling Americans who are afraid to visit their doctor, not to say be hospitalized. I had no choice. I, like so any others, must seek the help of the medical community.

My first encounter started in the waiting room. I sat there alone. Appointments are given, masks are worn, our temp is taken, sanitation liquid is available.

There I was in an empty waiting room. The only positive or improvement there it’s any waiting time. I like that. Then when I got to the examination, the medical staff was in the room quickly. She was dressed like she had entered a room that was infected. Then entered my doctor. He was dressed the same. Both of them sanitized their hands.

I made my decision I was having surgery. Now, come time for my pre-op. There again, temps are taken, mask must be worn. Chairs are six feet apart.

Several patients can be in the waiting room, they are spaced apart. Then, would you believe, a foolish man came in and wanted to remove his mask. Everyone looked up. He was carrying on as if he was deranged. Why this, why that, I don’t want to show you my insurance card. He was downright irritating. The woman behind the shield didn’t get angry. She called for the security guard. They had a talk and he set down and acted as if he had sense.

An unseen monster has entered our lives. Each day I post death and those who have been infected by COVID-19 on my Facebook page in Newton County. I have been posting since 2020. Frankly, I was informed about an illness in January 2020 from an acquaintance. She had taken a cruise and had taken ill like other people on the ship.

She recovered, but she believes she had COVID-19.

I was recently informed Jan. 2 my granddaughter has COVID-19 and the flu. My great-grandson tested negative. The monster is in my house.

My column isn’t making a political statement, Newton County. It’s my story! However, if you see yourself or a loved one in my words, I understand. 

Dorothy Piedrahita is a Covington resident who has worked as an activist and in government and business throughout her career.