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Mobster rule
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The decision to kill Anwar al-Awlaki was the result of months of legal review and reportedly not a single senior government official questioned the decision. Why am I not surprised?

Wouldn't you be surprised to read some of Al Capone's top lieutenants voiced concerns over the St. Valentine's Day massacre? Once the boss decides, all that matters is making it happen.

You may think that killing Anwar al-Awlaki was a good thing. But remember agreement doesn't matter to a mobster. What matters to them is having their way. Nothing more or less.

You think your favorite senator/representative just went temporarily insane when they voted for Obamacare? Could be, could be. One hopes their families were not threatened or they were not bribed or strong-armed in some way.

Don't know, can't tell. The promises of a "transparent" government have turned into the most secretive administration in modern history. Even their so-called terror plots involve people working for the Obama administration.

Not that Bush was much different. They made up fake weapons of mass destruction reports for Iraq. Do you notice what is happening with Iran? Government employee/terrorists who are all the evidence that exist for the plot against the Saudi ambassador.

Care to take bets on when there will be a crisis in the Middle East? Just in time for an election in what country?
That's the problem with a mobster style government. What is sad is that we freely elected this one. It would be doubly sad if realizing our mistake, we did not at least try to turn them out of office. Not saying they will leave, peacefully. Given the last four years, I sorta hope they don't.

Patrick Durusau is a Covington resident.