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Massie: The people aren't buying it
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The following are news headlines I observed: "Obama: ‘Health Insurance … Is Your Right,’" "HHS Launches Video Contest to Attract Young Obamacare Subscribers," "State Dept. Panel Advises [Homosexual] Foreigners in Civil Unions to Get Married," and "Obamacare Website Misleads on Abortion-Inducing-Drug Mandate."

Here’s my point. In the absence of any viable merit to allowing the federal government to conscript one-sixth of the nation’s economy under Obama’s socialization of health care, the idea still isn’t selling well on the street. People are entrenched in their opposition to being forced to subscribe to something they are vehemently opposed to. And they are not forgetting how Obama looked into the cameras and called us liars and tried to bully us into silence pursuant to the truth of his nightmare health care plan.

Government health care won’t make health care more affordable; it will, in fact, increase the cost for individuals and families exponentially. We won’t be able to keep or even choose our own doctors, as Obama assured us would be the case when he accused those of us informing the public of that reality of dealing in misinformation. Obama assured the public that hospitals and medical persons would not be forced to perform abortions if their religious and/or beliefs systems precluded same. He called us liars when we said the health care plan included death panels. He said illegal aliens would not be covered under the plan; we now know for a fact that illegal aliens will be covered 100 percent under the plan.

The list of Obama lies pursuant to his Erebusic health care legislation goes on and on, and the one thing we can be assured of is that he exempted all of Congress from what he is trying to force us into taking. We are also aware that this is the government that has bankrupted Social Security, and that not only has no plans for fixing same, but also that engages in vicious ad hominem attacks against any person or group who suggests privatizing it.

We know this is the same government that has virtually bankrupted the U.S. Post Office. And we know that this is the same federal government that is comprised of thieves, liars, frauds, tax-dodgers, known socialists and communists who have pigeonholed for themselves escape clauses that allow them to engage in insider trading without penalty. This is the same Obama-led government that has virtually ensured everyone attending college will be saddled for years, if not forever, with the burdensome debt of student loans as the interest rate on the student loans goes up even though Obama said that would not happen. And we’re supposed to trust them with one-sixth of the nation’s economy?

So what about the headlines? Obama hopes to drive a wedge between those of us who are old enough to understand exactly what our health care system is, and why it’s the best in the world, and youthful low-information people who can be deceived into believing they are getting something for nothing — until their first bill arrives.

This is a tactic that Obama and his kind have, for the most part, mastered. It is divide and conquer through the inculcation of lies and misinformation designed so that those young persons who are unsuspecting will fall into the snare. And, by the time they realize they’ve been duped, they will blame government and demand that the same government that drove them into the abyss save them out of it. It becomes a vicious circle in which more and more power is ceded to the government and slick politicians.

We need to spend time with our children educating them about the truth of what is going on, and what is being done to them. People are constantly telling me how they fear the future for their children. I say if people are as afraid as they claim, they should be afraid precisely because of their children who are buying into what’s being told to them.

When my friends and I gather with our children, the conversation always turns to educational and teaching moments about government, ad nauseum. When I was last in Pennsylvania, my friend, his wife, and I spent two evenings over dinner, sharing with their son.

When my son joins us, our conversations at some point always turn to teaching moments. The reward is when our children come back to us and tell us they saw examples of what we were saying and they thank us for illuminating them with the truth.

If there is a danger to our future, as people are quick to claim — it is from the poor parenting skills of those who spend more time exampling to their children how to be "clueless" than teaching them what the Declaration of Independence says.

Mychal S. Massie is the former National Chairman of the conservative black think tank, Project 21-The National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives; and a member of its’ parent think tank, the National Center for Public Policy Research. You can find more at