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Is Obama anti-business?
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The claims that President Obama is "anti-business" during the recent elections surprised me.

Pretty is as pretty does, they say, so there should be some evidence that he is anti-business.

I read in The Wall Street Journal that Obama’s bailing out of General Motors means GM has a $45 billion tax credit they can use over the next 20 years. That doesn’t sound anti-business.

Obama bailed out all the investment firms and banks, then simply gave the taxpayers’ interest back to those firms. I would have at least tried to be a capitalist and made a profit for the taxpayers.

But, then I am probably more of a capitalist than Obama is.

Obama has been handing out tax credits to businesses doing energy exploration and development.

I have had a hard time coming up with where Obama has been anti-business.

Maybe they were referring to Obama saying that BP will have to pay for messing up the Gulf of Mexico. That’s the BP that even other oil companies say is criminally negligent as a matter of habit.

Let me make sure I get this right: Obama pours billions of dollars into the pockets of auto makers, banks, and other corporations but asks a company responsible for hurting all of us to be responsible.

That’s being anti-business?

A welfare mother, drug addict, or alcoholic, with a track record like BP would get a quick lecture on the need for personal responsibility. It is about time we applied personal responsibility to corporations.

That’s not anti-business, it is pro-responsibility.

Patrick Durusau is a Covington resident. His column appears regularly on Fridays.