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Gutknecht: Help us find Newton County’s ‘Vision’

Are you ready? The Covington News is excited to start its biggest project of the year and we’re going to need your help. 

If you remember from last year, we introduced the first-ever “Visions” magazine in April. The progress edition was our first-ever checkup of the community – exploring what we’re doing right in our schools, hospitals, churches and businesses. 

Knowing how well last year’s magazine went, you’re going to want to carve out a few hours to flip through this magazine once its published. 

Like last year’s magazine, Visions will feature five sections: Learning, Enterprise, Wellness, Commuity and Faces. 

If you can recall, last year’s magazine dawned Alcovy Judicial Circuit Superior Court Judge Samuel Ozburn on the cover. He was our first Community Spirit Award winner. 

The Community Spirit Award it given to someone who is well-known in Newton County for getting things done to make this a better place for you and me. Special consideration will be given to someone who has been doing it for a long time. 

Think of it like this: “Newton County wouldn’t be what it is today without ________.” Whose name would you put in that blank? That’s the person who deserves the Community Spirit Award. 

In the magazine, we will also honor some people who aren’t necessarily used to the spotlight. The Unsung Hero awards are given to people who maybe work for a nonprofit, or is an excellent volunteer. 

We are also looking for our Youth of the Year honoree. This award is given to a student in Newton County with a bright future. This isn’t just based on academic excellence, but all-around excellence. Is he or she the recipient of a big scholarship? Did he or she rack up more volunteer hours than the rest of us? That’s going to look a lot better than just having straight-A’s. 

Finally, we are looking for a company to honor as the Employer of the Year. Do you know of a company that treats its employees like the rock stars they are? It might be an industry of 1,000 workers or your mom and pop shop of 15. 

We are asking for your help to find the right honorees for these awards. As the community newspaper of choice, we do our best to make sure we are in the know of Newton County, but there are some things that just slip through the cracks. 

In late April, you will see who was selected. Make sure to keep an eye out to see if your nomination was selected. 

Jackie Gutknecht is the editor and publisher of The Covington News. She can be reached at or 770-728-1409. Twitter: @jackieg1991