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Durusau: You get what you pay for
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The recent snow-followed-by-ice storm was unusual for our area.

What wasn’t unusual was the wall-to-wall news coverage. News coverage noticed that the interstates and streets were not being cleared and that cars and large trucks were stuck on icy roads for hours on end.

The reporters did ask elected officials and others why prevention and clean-up weren’t faster. And they got the usual litany of responses that it was a lack of equipment, lack of funds, unexpected storm severity, etc.

What puzzled me was that the reporters did not make their way to the homes of the political leaders, both Democratic and Republican, to ask them about the latest result of their efforts to cut taxes in Georgia.

The reason our city, local and state government agencies don’t have the resources to met the demand for government services during a natural disaster like this one is a lack of resources before it happens.

That lack of resources is a direct result of the "let’s control the size of government" folks in both political parties, the ones who keep promising you lower taxes.

What they forget to mention is that means a government that can’t respond during emergencies, can’t keep roads open, can’t maintain schools and libraries, etc.

Maybe you should remember that when the next election rolls around, when both Democrats and Republicans start talking about keeping taxes low. What they mean is you won’t have the government you need during an emergency.

Better yet, during the next natural disaster, when the news reporters show up before government assistance arrives, you can offer your opinion about lower taxes and fewer government services.


Patrick Durusau is a Covington resident. His columns appear regularly on Fridays.