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Brown: Firearms ordinance about safety
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During the last county commissioner’s retreat, I submitted a proposal regarding the discharge of firearms in high-density areas. After careful research, we asked the county to allow us to return to the guidelines established prior to the 2006 version of the county ordinance governing this matter.

The sheriff’s office goal is to create a safer environment for all citizens. In 2006, the ordinance was changed to allow a discharge distance of 100 yards. Therefore, we asked that we expand the distance allowance.

While we cannot say where the safety net exists between zero and 1,000 feet, we know the current ordinance is not sufficient in high-density areas.

Deputies responded to more than 600 "discharge of firearms" calls in 2011 and more than 700 in 2012. In 2013, we have already received more than 80 such calls. More than 90 percent of these calls came from the more densely populated western section of Newton County. This is a major safety concern, in that the majority of calls have involved properties in or adjacent to residentially-zoned properties. Some actually involved complaints of shrapnel causing injury to citizens and penetration of homes. These issues are directly linked to distance and carelessness on the part of the shooter.

The Board of Commissioners, along with the county attorney’s office and the sheriff’s office, will form a committee of concerned citizens to review proposed changes to the ordinance.

My office, with the help of citizens, will enforce recommendations set forth by the Board of Commissioners.

In the past few weeks, I have received numerous calls asking where I stand on the issues of gun control and firearm safety. First of all, as your sheriff, I support the United States Constitution’s and will uphold the oath of office as sheriff. I will also support the code of ethics of my office. Secondly, let it be understood the county ordinance under consideration only speaks to firearm safety, not to the "right to bear arms."

As constitutionally-elected sheriff, I recognize and accept I am afforded special trust and confidence from the citizens I am elected to serve and represent, and, the employees I manage. Your trust and confidence in me form the foundation of my bond with you. As the leader of this department, I am bound to ensure the safety and welfare of all citizens.

As a side note: The Newton County Sheriff’s Office offers Firearms Safety Classes to civic groups and individual citizens.

These classes cover legal rights and responsibilities related to self-defense.

For more information, please call 678-625-1400 and ask for Lt. Paul Gunter.

Ezell Brown is the sheriff of Newton County. He was first elected in 2008 and reelected this past November. He has been in law enforcement since 1973, serving in multiple positions.