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BELTON: Another Diplomatic Catastrophe
Belton, Dave
State Rep. Dave Belton

Most thinking Americans hope that – if they were alive in Germany during the rise of the Nazis and their ugly antisemitism – that they would have done something to stop a war that cost 75 million lives and the extermination of 6 million Jews.

Well, here we are – in the midst of another wave of ugly antisemitism – and a few more wars – and most of us ignore them.

The single most important thing that a president is responsible for, is the protection of the nation.

Yet the world is on fire – in Israel and Ukraine and soon in the Far East – and Biden is oblivious.

Biden was in Italy for the G7 – the seven most important free democracies on the planet – as they were making important decisions about the war in Ukraine…but then he jetted off to a glitzy fundraiser in Hollywood before they made any decisions.

Perhaps, the reason that Biden so hurriedly, was because he embarrassed himself in Italy. First, he dissed the first female Italian prime minister – a truly historic champion of female empowerment. Then, the second catholic president was completely inappropriate with the catholic pope, causing the Italian press to mock him.

So, instead of working with our most important allies to solve the worst war in Europe in a century, Biden fled the diplomatic meetings to hang out with Julia Roberts.

Putin noticed. He sent a Russian fleet to sail just off the coast of Florida enroute to Cuba.

But Biden isn’t bothered with diplomatic trivialities.

After all, he’s already allowed a Chinese spy balloon to traverse the continental United States.

And he’s invited hundreds of known terrorists to illegally cross our Southern border, as well as tens of thousands of military-aged Chinese, as well as some ten million other undocumented people.

A Maryland sheriff just called out Biden after his tiny county experienced two murders apparently done by illegal migrants in one year. “We are 1,800 miles away from the southern border here in Harford County and the American citizens are not safe because of failed immigration policy.”

But Biden doesn’t care, insisting saying, “But how many of the thousands of people being killed by illegals?”

The quote seems like a misprint, but that is exactly what Biden said during his last State of the Union Address.

Nor is Biden concerned when the FBI director says that he’s never seen many “red flags” for potential terrorism in America.

And he could care less when crime gets so bad that the New York governor had to deploy the national guard to New York City’s subways.

And he doesn’t mind that his own administration lost some 250,000 children who are probably now sex slaves, and that drug cartels are now raking in $13B a year in human trafficking.

Nor does is he alarmed that 100,000 Americans die a year because of fentanyl that is crossing our border.

Nor could he say Laken Riley’s name.

But the worst part is that he doesn’t even seem to realize that the world is on fire because of his humiliating retreat from Afghanistan.

Maybe he should take lessons from the new female Italian prime minister, who is standing tall. “I think we need to remember who started all this, and it wasn’t Israel, but someone who killed civilians, women and children.” Later, she added, “We need to give clear words to Israel, for its safety…and this exactly what Italy is doing.”

If only Biden could be so brave.

Since Nixon went to China – some 50 years ago – America has always been able to pit Russia against China. Thus Russia – not America – was isolated.

Perhaps that’s one of the reasons that Reagan defeated the Soviet Union in the Cold War without firing a shot.

Now – since Biden took office – Russia and China are in a close alliance, empowering Putin’s war in Ukraine.

And because of Biden, it is America who is now diplomatically isolated.

And where our president when our only remaining friends are discussing how to deal Russia’s war?

Hanging out with George Clooney.

The wolves are watching.

Dave Belton is a former state representative for District 112, which includes portions of Morgan and Newton counties.