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Womans cheek bitten at OB/GYN office
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Officers were dispatched to an OB/GYN doctor's office on Tuesday after a man bit his ex-girlfriend's cheek.

Angelica Rogers said when she and her cousin Jamicia Snell, were sitting in a room in the doctor's office, her ex-boyfriend Wallace McKibben entered and allegedly grabbed her face. McKibben then allegedly bit her right cheek. When he let go of her face, Snell asked McKibben for a cigarette lighter and left the room.

Rogers said once her cousin left the room, McKibben allegedly grabbed her neck and started choking her. He then allegedly pushed her back and grabbed her face making it hard for her to breathe. She said he then let go of her and left the room.

Snell told police that while they were in the doctor's office, McKibben came in and walked over to Rogers. It allegedly appeared to Snell as though McKibben was talking to Rogers. Snell said McKibben then allegedly put his hands around Rogers's neck and it appeared as if he was kissing her right cheek. Snell then exited the room.

Law enforcement located McKibben at his residence. McKibben was placed under arrest and transported to the Newton County Detention Center.

Woman reports stolen wheelchair

Judy Bradshaw told police on Wednesday that someone had allegedly stolen her mother's wheelchair and sold it to a person across the street.

Officers approached the residence where the chair was sold. They were unaware the chair had been stolen and it was then returned to its owner.

Woman attempts to evict relative

Dana Williams told police last Tuesday that her relative, who is living with her will not leave her residence.

Williams said her relative Kerika Perdomo, allegedly opened her mail and sent her text messages telling Williams she opened her mail.

Williams said Perdomo has also allegedly been sending her bad text messages over the last few weeks. Williams said she would get a warrant.

Craigslist scam
A woman said when she responded to a Craigslist ad for an office clerk, the allegedly company sent her a fake check to purchase her materials.

Jasmine Taylor said she allegedly did an online interview with a hiring manager for the job. After the interview, the manager allegedly said she was hired and that she could work from home.

The manager said he would FedEx her a check to purchase materials she needed for the job, such as a laptop and printer.

Man shoots dog after dog allegedly bites him

When a man returned home on Saturday, his neighbors dog wandered into his garage and allegedly bit him. The man then said he grabbed his pistol, pointed it at the dog and shot it one time.

Rupert Henry Millingen, the man who allegedly shot the dog, then said he heard the neighbor's daughter screaming. He said she and the dog ran back to their house. The owner of the dog allegedly came to his property line and began yelling and cursing at Millingen for shooting his dog.

Millingen said he walked inside and allegedly placed his firearm away until law enforcement asked for it.

The owner of the dog said his daughter told him about Millingen shooting the dog. He said he went to the property line and confronted Millingen. He then said Millingen allegedly pointed the pistol at him and he backed up behind the house and ran back to his garage. He said his wife and daughter took the dog to an emergency veterinary clinic. He demanded that Millingen be locked up for pointing the firearm at him.

Millingen denied raising the gun toward anyone. He said when the neighbor began yelling at him, he allegedly had the gun in his hand but had it pointed at the ground.
Police informed the neighbor they could not arrest Millingen based off the information given.

Pictures were taken of the blood in the garage and officers were informed this was allegedly the third time the dog had charged at Millingen.
The neighbor was issued a citation for allowing his dog to roam free.

Witnesses said they allegedly heard one gunshot and then screaming and yelling. They said when they walked outside, they saw allegedly Millingen with a gun and it was pointed toward the ground.

Officers spoke to the family at East Metro Animal Emergency Clinic. The doctor who examined the dog said the bullet went through the front left shoulder and struck the rear left foot.

911 callers report alleged cruelty to a child

A man and small child were allegedly seen walking around the area of Brown Bridge Road and Salem Road on Sunday.
According to different callers to 911, the man was allegedly dragging the child around in dark parking lots behind buildings from Kroger on Salem Road to the Flash Foods gas station.

Contact was made with the man and the child at around 3:43 a.m.

The man and child were taken to their residence and the child was left with her mother. The man was taken into custody.

Woman reports suspicious activity in her home
A woman told police on Friday she allegedly has had problems with her computers and telephones since May 2011.

She said she thinks someone has placed something in her house allowing them to access to her systems. She also told police that every morning, all her computers start a download around 4 a.m. and she can not stop it.

She said she has had computer technicians look at her computers and was allegedly told someone has gained access to them remotely and it could not be stopped unless she found the item that was allegedly placed in her house.

Every phone along with her TV and Internet is accessed through AT&T and every time she has called them, a man allegedly named Adrian answers the phone. She said she has packages delivered to her house and she does not make online purchases. She also said the packages are allegedly picked up within minutes of being delivered by a foreigner.

Woman reports missing medications

A woman said she invited friends over to stay at her residence for a few days and she said when they left on the Friday morning, two medications were allegedly missing from her home.

The woman said Percocet and Dilaudid were both allegedly missing from inside her bedroom. She said none of the people staying at her house were supposed to be going into her bedroom.

The complainant said she does not know the last names or addresses of the people who were staying at her home. She said she met them through a mutual friend and allowed them to stay a few days. She said they allegedly lived in south Georgia. She allegedly only knew their first names.