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Woman, who takes 15-pill cocktail, drives on curb
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A woman who told police “it wasn’t against the law” and “it wasn’t a big deal, no one was on the road” in reference to her scrubbing the curb on Jefferson Blvd was arrested for failure to maintain lane and DUI Wednesday.

Covington Police first saw the 1997 Ford Expedition driving down Jefferson Blvd, traveling toward Pucket Street before it came to a stop at a Marathon Gas Station. The officer then made contact with the driver, Sarah Sims, who admitted to striking the curb. According to reports, the officer observed Sims’ eyes were glassy and droopy.

Sims told police she did not consume any alcohol or illicit drugs, but did take a cocktail of approximately 15 medications for anxiety, depressions and PTSD. She told officers she took the medication at least once a day and sometimes two or three times a day.

According to reports, Sims was very argumentative and confrontational, and kept answering she hadn’t been drinking, to most questions.

Man points handgun, robs resident

A man told Covington Police that another male knocked on his door, and proceeded to rob him at gunpoint in his residence on Clane Drive Tuesday evening.

The victim told police, who reportedly were able to “smell a strong odor of marijuana coming from the area” around the house and a more prevalent odor of the substance from inside the house, that himself and two others were home when the knock at the door came. He proceeded to answer the door, and a skinny black male, reportedly wearing a black long sleeve shirt and blue jeans, stuck a gun to his face and told him to get on the ground.

According to reports, the victim had just received his social security check, and after paying rent and going to the liquor store, had approximately $250 in his pocket. Another victim told officers he had around $100 taken from his wallet.

The suspect then, reportedly, fled and got into a white Chrysler Pacifica.

Man grabs shirts, returns them in same store
A man reportedly took some clothes from the men’s apparel section of the Walmart on Salem Road, before proceeding to the customer service deck attempting to get a full refund.

The Newton County Sheriff’s Office arrested Kevin Amayo for theft by deception Monday after he tried to get money for the two men’s dress shirts he just picked up from the same store.

Car bought on Craigslist, never received
A woman, who found a vehicle on Craigslist, reported to the Newton County Sheriff’s Office that she had not received the car she had paid for and had been scammed.

She told deputies she found a 2004 Nissan Altima for $2,200 in Baton Rouge, La. According to reports, she then contacted the seller and was told that Amazon Checkout Financial Department would secure payment. She texted and emailed the person in California who she said was the Amazon agent, and was told the price of the vehicle was reduced to $1,800.

The woman sent a money gram in that amount to Selma, Ala. on March 23. According to reports, she tried to contact the phone number she had previously used before sending the money gram, but got disconnected. She then told deputies she searched the internet and discovered it was a scam.