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Woman name drops to avoid arrest
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Deputies rushed to Ga. Highway 162 Wednesday, after a prison guard in charge of inmate workers called about a woman screaming that someone was going to kill her and a man with a shotgun.

When they arrived, they found the man with the shotgun was a hunter who had heard the woman's screams. The woman was still sitting in a truck with a man who said she was his wife and bipolar. When deputies began speaking with her, they noticed she was jittery, had sores on her face and arms and unable to control her facial movements. She also allegedly had a tube in her pocket that deputies found what they believed was crystal meth inside of.

When questioned about the tube, she reportedly said, "I don't use that," then blurted out, "I know Philip Bradford."

The woman, identified as Teresa Faye Ellington, was arrested for possession of methamphetamine. Her husband John Scott Austin, was arrested for driving with a suspended license and without insurance.

On the way to the jail, Ellington reportedly told deputies that "there were bodies everywhere" in Turtle Cove and that they were all murdered. She allegedly named roughly 15 people who she thought was involved.

Dog, kittens and a church
Residents at the Pine Valley Mission called deputies from the Newton County Sheriff's Office Sunday, complaining about harassment from some neighboring apartments.

When deputies arrived, they spoke with a man who told them a neighbor several apartments down from the church had let their dog out. The dog then came to the church and "chewed on a kitten." When the neighbors came to get their dog, they bumped into church members and cursed at them when they were told to get off the church's property.

Owners of the dog said that when their dog ran out, the children at the mission called to it, bringing it over to their property. She said her son cursed at the church members because they cursed at her. She admitted to not having a leash for her dog, but said there were several kittens under the mission as well.

Hands to yourself
A Covington man was arrested early Monday morning after reportedly throwing a knife and a glass ashtray at his wife.

Officers from the Covington Police Department were called to a home by a woman who said her husband had thrown a knife at her and threatened to kill her. Both husband and wife had been drinking. When officers arrived, Michael Thomason was reportedly walking from his home carrying a bowl of food.

According to reports, he attempted to pull away from officers initially, but was quickly handcuffed. Thomason allegedly told officers he had eight to 10 beers that night.

His wife reportedly told officers that she had been asleep when her husband came into the bedroom, woke her up and told her he hated her. He then grabbed her by the hair, threw a glass ashtray at her and threatened her with what she believed was a kitchen knife.

Thomason was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.