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Woman has gun pointed at her by driver
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A woman reported that a driver pointed a gun at her while she was stopped in her car, according to the Newton County Sheriff’s Office (NCSO).

In the report, the complainant said she was driving with her sister-in-law and two children on Springlake Terrace. When they stopped at the intersection of Spring Road, the driver of a white Monte Carlo behind them began honking his horn at them.

The woman said she made a left turn on Spring Road, and the Monte Carlo came behind her. While they were going around the curve to get to the intersection of Underwood Road, the driver of the Monte Carlo passed them and stopped in the road.

The driver, who was reported as being a black male with dreads, allegedly stuck his head out the window and pointed a silver and black pistol at them and said, “What’s up? What’s up?”

The woman said they were stopped for “a minute or two” before the Monte Carlo drove away, the report said.

When they got to the intersection of Spring Road and Underwood Road, another vehicle drove between them and the Monte Carlo. The woman witnessed the Monte Carlo turn into the Valero Station on Highway 20 and called the police.

The Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office responded and searched the vehicle, but no weapon was found. The woman was then told to report the incident to the NCSO since it occurred in Newton County.