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Woman at homeless shelter disorderly
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A 31-year-old woman was arrested Tuesday afternoon after a fight at the homeless shelter with another resident.

When officers from the Covington Police Department arrived, they spoke with Crystal Gayle Tumlin, who they noticed had several scratches to her neck, and with the other woman who had been involved in the altercation.

The victim told officers that she had gone into Tumlin's room to check on another woman who Tumlin tended to "bully," and while in the room, the two (she and Tumlin) "had words" with one another. When she and her friend left the room and sat on a couch in the hallway area, she said Tumlin came out of the room, flung the door into her arm and threw some books down on the couch she was sitting on, then got in her face and began yelling at her so she "reached up and grabbed Tumlin to push her away from her," which is where the scratches on Tumlin's neck came from.

Tumlin told allegedly told officers that the other woman had asked her for a Sprite, and when she told her to go look in her drawer, the woman didn't want to, so she went into her room to search for the soft drink. She said she never left her room and that the other woman came into her room and "started fussing at her."

She agreed that the argument continued outside the room and at the couch but said that the other woman pushed the door up against her foot so hard she was scared she would break it.

Although the two women involved had differing statements of the event, the witnesses all seemed to point the finger at Tumlin as the aggressor. She was arrested and transported to the Newton County Detention Center where she was charged with disorderly conduct.