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Woman assaults sister with knife
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A woman involved in an argument, pulled a knife on her sister early Tuesday morning, shortly after 2 a.m.

According to reports, Terra and Ka’shayla Haynes were arguing about a dog tearing up the carpet in her apartment. Terra told Covington Police she swung at her sister, before Ka’shayla grabbed a knife.

Ka’shayla told CPD Terra began to beat her when Ka’shayla’s boyfriend separated them. According to reports, Ka’shayla said “after several years of abuse she couldn’t take it anymore.” She then grabbed a knife off a table in her room. Ka’shayla told officers she accidently cut Terra on her wrist.

According to reports officers observed scratches on the top of Terra’s left forearm and cuts on her right hand.

Terra was charged with simple battery family violence and Ka’shayla aggravated assault family violence.