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Woman arrested for stealing from Walmart with her son
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A woman was arrested Tuesday afternoon after she and her mentally handicapped son allegedly attempted to steal from Walmart.

According to reports, a loss prevention employee at the Industrial Boulevard store recognized Melva Montgomery and her son from watching them shoplift from the store on video the day before.

She told police that she followed the two throughout the store and watched the male place several items into the shopping cart as his mother looked on. They then went toward the front door, passing all points of sale, and attempted to exit with the buggy of merchandise.

The buggy contained Gain detergent, sofa slip covers, XL martini, (curtain) holdbacks, chicken tenders, furniture wipes, Pledge wipes and strawberry Twizzlers. The value of all the items was $120.38. Montgomery was arrested and transported to the Newton County Detention Center. Because of his mental handicap, her son was not charged and was turned over to a relative.