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Two men accidentally shot
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Andrew Boree stated that he was at the gun range on Hamby Lane Sunday when he was hit with shotgun pellets. John Bezbourne was also injured.

Boree stated Johnny Austin was shooting clay birds with a 12 gauge shotgun when the incident occurred.

Austin stated a clay bird passed his line of sight and he aimed around the safety barrier and fired. As a result, Boree had pellet marks from his legs up to his neck.

Boree stated he was taken to the hospital.

Police did not meet with Bezbourne due to him not being at the residence.

Foster child missing
Valerie Harland reported Tuesday that one of her foster children ran away from home.

Harland told police the 16-year-old male left the residence for a walk the day before and had not returned home. This was allegedly not the first time the juvenile has run away.

The juvenile was allegedly dressed in a pair of gray shorts with a blue stripe, blue T-shirt and black socks.