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Two girls, a guy and a throwdown
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Covington Police officers were called to a home that was reportedly being burglarized on Oct. 17 and found a domestic situation instead, according to reports.

When officers arrived at the home on Green Commons Drive, they spoke with the complainant who reportedly told them her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend had come into the home and started fighting with them while they were sitting on the couch.

The current girlfriend allegedly told officers she ran to the back of the house while her boyfriend and his ex fought in the living room. She reportedly told them the ex-girlfriend broke free and chased her to the back of the house and began to hit her in the face and head with a closed fist.

When she was able to break free and call 911, the ex-girlfriend allegedly left the home along with a large group of her family that had reportedly come into the home after her. She was able to show the officers knots on her forehead that she allegedly sustained from the altercation.

Officers then spoke with the boyfriend who said that when his ex came into the home, she reportedly started hitting his current girlfriend and saying that he "belonged to her." He also told officers that the ex-girlfriend attacked him, ripping his shirt and biting his arm. He said when the ex went after his current girlfriend, he ran out the front door, past the family of the angry ex-girlfriend and to his car in order to go to the police department for help.

The current girlfriend reportedly told officers she had found a blade that the ex had brought with her to the home but she couldn’t remember where she had laid it and was unable to find it for officers.

CPD officers went in search of the ex-girlfriend and found her at her mother’s home on Emory Street, according to reports. She reportedly told the officers that her ex-boyfriend had been calling her all day wanting to talk to her, and when she got off work, he allegedly told her to come down to West Street because he wanted to see her and that he would stand outside and wave her down so she would know where to find him.

The woman allegedly told officers that when she got off work, she and two friends had headed to West Street, and when she passed a residence she noticed him standing in the yard and waving her down. She reportedly told the officers that when she stopped her vehicle and got out of the car that her ex-boyfriend reportedly came at her, saying he had a new girlfriend and was done with her.

He then, according to reports, allegedly hit her in the face, leaving a scrape and abrasion on her neck and bruising on her left cheek. He also reportedly grabbed her shirt, ripping it, and pushed her to the ground. She allegedly told officers she never went into the home and was just trying to get away from her violent ex-boyfriend.

All parties were informed of the warrant procedure.