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Two die in liquor store shooting in Rockdale
The assault rifle used in Sunday's shooting in Rockdale County. Courtesy of the Rockdale Sheriff's Office Facebook page.

UPDATE (12:28 p.m. June 1):  CONYERS - A customer returned fire at the shooter Jeffrey Pitts during his rampage at the Magnet Bottle Shop, possibly preventing even more deaths.

Rockdale County Sheriff Eric Levett confirmed a customer inside the store had returned fire on the shooter when Pitts came in and began firing at the store's employees. Pitts then turned the gun on customers and then left. The store's owner and a different customer were shot and killed.

A press conference is scheduled for later this afternoon. Check back for more details.


UPDATE (10:18 p.m., May 31): A second person who was shot today has died, leaving more families in mourning and a quiet community shaken from this senseless rampage of violence.

The shooter's identification was confirmed as Jeffrey Scott Pitts, 36.

According to Sheriff Eric Levett, Pitts got into a dispute earlier in the day with Magnet Bottle Store, possibly showing a gun at the time. There was reportedly a dispute over a previous unpaid transaction, and an ID that was kept. Pitts may have shown his handgun at the time and asked for his ID back and left. Rockdale County Sheriff's Office deputies were called and wrote a report for the disturbance.

Pitts then came back hours later, shortly before 5 p.m., and opened fire on the store, reportedly with a handgun.

A customer who was reportedly standing next to another customer who was shot, told a group of bystanders, "He didn't even say anything."

Two men were shot at the store - one customer, who was killed at the scene, and one clerk. The clerk was flown by medical helicopter to an Atlanta area hospital and later died of his wounds.

Pitts then fled the scene and went back to the home at the 3500 block of Ebenezer Road where he lived with his parents. There, he reportedly shot them both inside the home.

The RCSO received calls of people shot at the house. The shooter's mother was able to flee the building just as the first RCSO deputy arrived. She took cover.

Pitts, who was in the garage, reportedly opened fire with an assault rifle.

"The deputy gave verbal commands while returning fire," said Sheriff Levett. "The suspect refused."

Pitts was killed in the shootout.

The parents were life-flighted to Atlanta area hospitals and are reportedly in stable condition.

No deputies or other civilians were reported injured in the shootout.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigations was called in to the investigate the officer-involved shooting. The responding deputy has been placed on paid administrative leave, as part of standard operating procedure.


8:50 p.m.

A male suspect shot multiple people at both a liquor store in south Rockdale -- killing at least one -- and at a home on Ebenezer Road before getting into a shootout with responding deputies at the home on Sunday before 5 p.m.

According to a Rockdale County Sheriff's Office spokesperson, a male suspect who was a regular customer at the Magnet Bottle Shop, off of Ga. Highway 20 south, got into a disturbance with several people. According to reports the shooter wanted to buy alcohol but there was a dispute about an unpaid tab from a previous transactoin. According to people who were in the store next door to Magnet Bottle Shop the suspect went out and came back into the liquor store and began shooting.

He reportedly shot two or three people, killing at least one person.

He then went to his residence on Ebenezer Road where there was a male and female at home.According to reports when the first deputy arrived the female ran out of the house and took cover. The suspect, who was in the garage with his assault rifle, started firing at the deputy, who returned fire. During the shootout occurred and the suspect was shot and injured.

The victims that were shot have been transported to an Atlanta area hospital. The suspect has yet to be transported.

More details to come on this developing story.