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Two arrested for meth possession
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Covington Police Department arrested a man and his wife for possession of methamphetamine less than one ounce with intent to distribute at Covington Lodge after responding to an anonymous call March 3. 

The caller reported that a man was using and selling methamphetamine from the room.

Officers arrived at the scene and knocked on the door of the suspicious room. Bonnie Partain answered the door and one of the officers asked her if they could come in and speak with her regarding the drug complaint. Partain allowed the officers to enter and they later found she was with her husband identified as Mr. Partain.

An officer ran Jeffrey name and information through dispatch and found out he had an outstanding warrant for failure to appear. While inside the room officers saw several items related to illegal narcotics in plain sight. Officers also saw a dresser drawer that was partially open with a digital scale inside along with a spoon with several small cotton balls on it and a pair of surgical-type scissor clamps pinching a small clear bag of suspected meth. An officer asked if they could search the residence and the Partains stated that they could. 

The officers collected the scale and the suspected meth. One of the officers located a pocket book in another drawer that had different size and color small zip lock bags. He also found a smoking pipe and stated that his K-9 alerted him to a small locked box. Mrs. Partain stated the box belonged to her son and probably had meth in it. After the officers opened the box, they found a Cobra .380 pistol along with two suspected marijuana resin sticks wrapped in plastic. 

The suspects where then arrested and taken to the Newton County Detention Center.