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Tip of the Week - Update your winter wardrobe
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Does your winter wardrobe need a little updating? If so, you can try these frugal tactics to be fabulous! First, hit the thrift stores. You'll find some real gems right here locally.

Next, add some accessories from thrift stores and department store clearance racks. A belt or necklace can spruce up almost any outfit.

Third, layer your clothes. Not only will this keep you warmer, you'll find new ways to wear things you already own.

Fourth, add a scarf or tie. A scarf can really bring a look together and a tie can make a very cool belt, too.
Fifth, if you knit or know anyone who does, get busy making scarves, ponchos, mittens, hats and ear warmers. Knit is in and not just because hipsters tell us it is.

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