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Tip leads to two drug arrests
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Thanks to a tip from a confidential source, a 49-year-old Covington woman was arrested late Thursday night after reportedly being caught with several drugs.

Officers were called to a home on West Street. When they arrived, they found Linda Poole, another woman and a man outside. They reportedly told officers the home belonged to another woman who was not there, and Poole told officers that she could provide them with identification if she went inside the house to get her purse. Before she headed into the house, officers asked if Poole had anything illegal on her and if they could search her. She gave them permission to search her, according to reports. Officers found two white pills (believed to be Hydrocodone, a Schedule III narcotic) in her rear pocket, and Poole was placed under arrest. Officers went inside to retrieve Poole’s purse with her permission, according to reports. Inside her purse they allegedly found a plastic baggie with five white pills (believed to be Meperidine, a Schedule II narcotic). When they asked her about the pills, she reportedly told officers that she had a prescription for them, but was unable to produce one. The pills were located in the same place inside her purse as her driver’s license.

When officers asked Poole if they could search her vehicle, she reportedly told them no. Officers called for a K9 unit, and when the dog alerted to the car, that gave officers probable cause to search it.

Inside the car, officers reportedly found what they believed to be marijuana in the front cup holder.

They asked the male there, later identified as Marco Smith, if he had been in the car and he allegedly admitted to smoking marijuana in the car earlier. He was also placed under arrest.

Both Poole and Smith were taken to the Newton County Jail. Smith was charged with possession of marijuana less than one ounce, Poole was charged with possession of Schedule II narcotic, possession of Schedule III narcotic, pills not in original container and possession of marijuana less than one ounce.