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The search for men who robbed teen
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Deputies are searching for three black males who robbed a 14-year-old as he walked on Mountainside Lane Monday afternoon.

According to reports, the teen was walking from a friend’s house when a black male wearing a black jacket with a fur-lined hood approached him. As he was talking to him two more black males came running up — one wearing a yellow M&M NASCAR jacket and the other wearing a grey T-shirt — and tried to get the teen to go into the woods with them.

As they walked into the woods, one of the men knocked the teen down and the one wearing the black jacket held him down while the one in the T-shirt took $131 out of his pocket. The man in the yellow jacket reportedly walked away and did not help his friends in the robbing of the teen.

The teen’s father later saw his son on the porch of their home and went outside to see what was wrong, which is when he learned of the robbery. 

Anyone with information is asked to contact the NCSO at (678) 625-1400 or online at 

Two arrested trying to steal scooter from Kmart

A couple from DeKalb County was arrested on Christmas Eve after allegedly attempting to steal a $400 scooter from Kmart.

Loss prevention employees from the store told officers from the Covington Police Department that 33-year-old Katavious D’Angelo Hollingsworth was seen putting the scooter in a buggy and heading to the garden department with it. Once there he approached 28-year-old Takela Yushona Daniels (who had her two small children with her), who was speaking with an employee stationed at the cash register at the garden department, just in front of the doors.

Daniels asked the employee for assistance in purchasing some dirt. According to reports, she requested the employee leave the cash register and help her with the dirt. As she and the employee left, Hollingsworth allegedly pushed the buggy with the scooter in it out of the store and to a white Jetta parked in the area. The trunk was opened by Daniels as she stood in the garden department. All of the incident was caught on store video.

Daniels contacted her husband, who came to the store and picked up her children. At the request of the store manager, the couple’s car was impounded and towed from the property. While conducting a mandatory impound of the vehicle, it was discovered that the car was rented from Enterprise. It was also found that the vehicle was not registered to Daniels or Hollingsworth and the Enterprise employee requested the vehicle be returned to them. When the car was searched, a pill bottle in the passenger door compartment was found with crack cocaine inside.

Both Daniels and Hollingsworth were arrested and transported to the Newton County Detention Center. Hollingsworth was charged with theft by shoplifting and possession of cocaine and Daniels with shoplifting.