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Suspect flees officer, leaves behind pink bike
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While patrolling U.S. Highway 278 near West Street in the wee hours of Thursday morning, officers noticed a man riding his bike in the middle of the road.

The officers watched as the black male on a pink and white bike crossed over 278 and headed toward Old Atlanta Highway, picking up speed and continuing to ride in the middle of the road. The officers decided to make contact with the man who appeared to be trying to avoid them.

As they got closer to the bike rider the officers activated their emergency lights, but the man continued to pedal. At one point he looked back at the officers, but instead of stopping he sped up. The officers pulled up next to the bike rider and asked him to stop. The man reportedly said "I didn't do anything." The officers told him to pull over anyway and the man reportedly ignored them, saying once more that he didn't do anything.

The man eventually stopped, got off his bike, said once more that he had not done anything and then "took off running towards an abandoned building."

Although the officers attempted to catch the man they were unable to do so. They did take the pink and white bike however, which was placed into evidence at the Covington Police Department.