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Sunday fire still smoldering
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A fire at a recycling center next to the Covington Housing Authority on Alcovy Road is still smoldering, according to Assistant Fire Marshall Tony Smith.

With the fire being close to the City of Covington Recycling Center and the Housing Authority apartments, approximated 2-acres had to be quickly contained or risk causing extensive damage and putting residents of the authority at risk.

"The fire ignited again around 8 p.m. Sunday night after previously being battled earlier in the day as well," Smith said in a phone interview Monday afternoon.

Due to the fire being in a massive mulch bin, it is unsure if there was any significant financial loss, Smith said.

"All the bin consists of is a compost of the City's dumping of tree limbs, grass clippings, and mulch collected from the side of the roads and sidewalks," Smith continued.

The fire ignites around four or five times a year, said Smith.

"Due to the temperature of the mulch in the recycling bin getting high as it deteriorates and the high winds and temperatures we had over the weekend, the fire re-ignited and turned into one of the worse flair ups of the area we've seen in quite awhile," he continued.

Fire crews battled hot spots all of Sunday night through Monday evening.

"There hasn't been any injuries," he said. "Right now we are keeping an eye on our guys to make sure that they stay hydrated and cool especially in these temperatures. We have rotated them out through the day to keep all of them safe and cool."