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Stealing Pop-Tarts and pie
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Covington Police officers were called to the Rite Aid store at 3215 Highway 278 Oct. 4 in reference to shoplifting.

A loss prevention employee reported that the suspect, later identified as Christopher Cooksey, had taken a $3 box of Pop-Tarts from the shelf, opened the box and placed two Pop-Tarts in his pockets. Cooksey was arrested, taken to the Newton County Jail and cited for theft by shoplifting.

Officers were called Oct. 5 to the "Rainbow Homeless Shelter" (Garden of Gethsemane) on Turner Lake Circle by a shelter official who stated that a man who had been told earlier in the day to not come back to the shelter had returned and was, according to another tenant, stealing food and other items.

The shelter official told police he saw the man walking away with a "large, clear plastic bag" that contained what appeared to be clothing and food. The shelter official followed the man until he saw and flagged down a police officer.

When the officer stopped the man and asked him to put the items he was carrying on top of the patrol car, the suspect resisted, but finally threw the bag on the ground and was detained.The bag contained a blue comforter and a pie, which the shelter official said belonged to the shelter.

The suspect was transported to the jail without incident, reports said.