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Speech meet winners announced

Providence Christian School is proud to announce the winners of the second annual speech meet for the Upper School, which was held on Thursday, Sept. 25. The finalists and winners are listed as follows:

Logic School Finalists:
7th Grade – Tabea Lent and Cassidy Robinson
8th Grade – Madeline Barnett and Caden Hamrick
9th Grade – Alexis Johnson and Emily Lent

Rhetoric School Finalists:
10th Grade – Craig Edwards and Sydney Lyles
11th Grade – Josiah Hatch and Kenny Morgan
12th Grade – James Denard and Andrea Strickland

Logic School Winners:
1st place – Caden Hamrick, 2nd place – Tabea Lent

Rhetoric School Winners:
1st place – Josiah Hatch, 2nd place – Sydney Lyles

As a classical Christian school, developing students in the area of rhetoric, or public speaking, is a primary goal in the classroom. The faculty at Providence strives to cultivate within their students the ability to communicate effectively and articulately. Preparing for and participating in the speech meet has given the students an opportunity to acquire these skills.

Providence Christian School, located at 252 Byrd Road in Oxford, is a private school serving Rockdale, Newton, and Walton counties, with Classical and Christian education.