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Son smacks mother with rolling pin
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A Newton County man was arrested Thursday night after allegedly wrestling a rolling pin away from his mother and striking her with it.

Deputies from the Newton County Sheriff's Office were called to a home on Christian Circle. When they arrived they met with 21-year-old Ryan Anthony Mottley's mother who was crying. According to reports she told the deputies that Mottley was sitting at the kitchen table.

When they spoke with Mottley he reportedly told deputies that his mother was upset with him "because of some personal issues she was having" and that while "fussing" at him she picked up a rolling pin and held it up like she was going to hit him with it. That's when he wrestled it from her and struck her in the arm with it.

Mottley's mother admitted to picking up the rolling pin and allegedly told deputies that her son was being disrespectful to her and when he started drinking "he don't know when to shut up." Additionally, she told deputies that she was frustrated with Mottley because he didn't have a job and she was paying for everything in the house and his personal expenses, according to reports.

Although she refused to fill out a witness statement and told deputies that she didn't want her son arrested, deputies still had enough evidence to arrest Mottley and charge him with simple battery under the Family Violence Act. He was transported to the Newton County Detention Center.