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Some tax bills incorrect
Corrected bills sent out Thurs.
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When you get your Newton County property tax bill this week, check to make sure the math adds up.

An error was discovered on less than 3,000 property tax bills mailed out this week, and corrected bills are being mailed Thursday to the affected owners, said Tax Commissioner Barbara Dingler.

The vast majority of the 44,360 bills sent out were correct, but Dingler said an error by the printing company, Harris, caused some tax bills to be higher than they’re supposed to be.

Dingler said property owners will be able to tell if their bill is incorrect by adding up the costs of their two yearly installments and comparing that total to the total tax bill amount. If the total tax bill is larger than the two monthly installment figures added together, the bill is incorrect.

Property owners can also verify their tax bill is right by going to the tax commissioner’s website at or calling 770-784-2020; Dingler said the website and her office’s computers have the correct figures.

Property tax payments in Newton County are due in two installments annually on Oct. 20 and Dec. 20. Bills were mailed out Aug. 19.