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Solid Waste manager offers guidance for disposing of used oil products
Newton County and Solid Waste Authority deal discussed

COVINGTON, Ga. – Newton County’s Solid Waste manager Kevin Walter has advice for people looking to dispose of used cooking and motor oil.

Walters’ advice comes after readers voiced concerns to The Covington News about the county no longer accepting the products at its convenience centers. In an email, Walter said residents' used motor oil can be taken to local auto parts stores for recycling.

“Citizens with used motor oil to dispose of are told to take it to any auto parts store such as Auto Zone or O’Reilly Auto Parts,” he said,” These stores will accept used motor oil, used engine solvent, and used antifreeze up to 20 gallons each if not mixed. There is no charge to the citizen. All they need do is sign a simple form.”

Walter said used cooking oil can be converted into BioDiesel fuel locally.

“Citizens with used cooking oil are referred to Clean Energy Biofuels, 941 Monroe Jersey Road, Monroe GA 30655 phone number (678) 318-1785,” he said. 

“This company will accept without charge used cooking oil at their recycling facility, which is reprocessed into Bio Diesel Fuel.  For commercial used cooking oil generators such as restaurants, Clean Energy Biofuels will install a collection tank without charge and schedule regular pickups.”

Walter said Newton County quit accepting the waste oils two years ago.

“Beginning 2 years ago the County Convenience Centers stopped accepting both used motor oil and used cooking oil,” he said,” Citizens were mixing motor oil and cooking oil and engine solvent all together making them impossible to recycle.”