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Sniffin' gas
Police called to gas station for woman sniffing gas, two charged in alcohol-related crimes
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Things got strange Sunday morning on Crowell Road.

Police were called to Liberty gas station for a woman who was apparently trying to sniff gas pump nozzles. EMS was already on location when Newton County Sheriff’s Department arrived on the scene.

EMS told police the woman was in the McDonald’s restroom. Meanwhile, a man was passed out behind the wheel at the pumps.

After several attempts at waking the man by knocking on his vehicle window, the man, confused, finally opened the door and released a strong waft of alcohol from within. Police identified Stockbridge resident Bernard Muhire, 27, as clearly intoxicated. Two opened liquor bottles were found behind the seat.

After refusing a sobriety test, Muhire was placed under arrest for DUI and open container. He then refused a breath test.

Sniffer Germiane Uwamahoro, 22, of Stockbridge then returned from the restroom with EMS. She was also deemed intoxicated, and admitted to drinking earlier that morning. She was then arrested for public drunkenness.