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Small town, big plans
Social Circle High School

Both of Social Circle High School’s top-honored students have big plans for their future, and although they may be from a small town, their plans are as big as the world.

Social Circle High School’s two best GPAs can be found in Alan “AJ” Howard Jr. and Lauren Kuhn, the 2014 valedictorian and salutatorian, respectively. Both are board scholars and have a perfect 4.0 GPA as the school year is winding down and graduation is fast approaching.

Howard wrestled all four years of high school, as well as participating on the cross country team for a year and the tennis team for three.

Wrestling in high school placed Howard on the career path he is choosing for college. In the fall, he will attend Mercer University in Macon to major in biomedical engineering. He said while on the wrestling team, he saw people with no legs or partial limbs, which he compared to himself, a person who has played sports all his life with all of his limbs. He said he wants to develop prosthetics tailored for people who play sports.

He said he wants to experience as much as he can in college and has already applied for the events team.

“I just want to give my all into college,” Howard said. “Hopefully it’s like the movies.”

However, he said he most enjoyed the small atmosphere during high school and that it was nice that he was able to know everyone he went to school with.

In his senior year, Howard was a Social Circle Junior Ambassador. He said he also likes to fish and play Xbox.
Lauren Kuhn, who was adopted at birth from China, played tennis for all four years of high school and was the president of the math club and student council. She said she found the bonds she created with teachers and the friendships she developed over her years at Social Circle High School the most memorable.

She will take her studies to Central Florida in the fall to pursue a degree in international business law from Stetson University. Kuhn said she has always been interested in foreign policy and equality.

Kuhn said she is also looking forward to the different experience college will offer and the “chance to see what the real world is all about.”

Kuhn was a Social Circle Junior Ambassador for two years, and she said she also dances and plays more tennis in her spare time.