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Sisters squabble after alleged voodoo ritual
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Two sisters got into a physical altercation after one allegedly attempted to perform a voodoo ritual on the other.

Officers from the Covington Police Department were called to Lynx’s Circle late Monday morning after receiving word of an assault in the area. When they arrived, they met with two women. One of the women was walking up the street with blood on her hands and blood drops on her clothing. She reportedly told officers that her sister had pulled into the yard of a home on Emory Street and gotten out of her vehicle yelling at her.

According to reports, she told officers that her sister thought she was trying to cause a break-up between she and her boyfriend and that the sister was yelling that she had "burned a piece of paper with her and her boyfriend’s name on it in a voodoo ritual to try and break them up."

She allegedly told the officers she was just trying to sit on her porch and eat her lunch but that her sister grabbed a glass cat figurine that was on the porch and threw it at her. The figurine shattered and a piece of glass reportedly cut her eye. Reports indicate that she was bleeding profusely from a cut above her eye.

She said her sister started trying to fight with her then and knocked her lunch out of her hands in the process. After a brief struggle, she then left the house and started walking up the street, according to reports. After speaking with one sister, officers made their way to Newton Medical Center, where the other was receiving treatment for the cut to her head.

That sister reportedly told officers that she had been called by her son and told to go to her sister’s house on Emory Street because she was burning a piece of paper with her name and her boyfriend’s name on it. When she arrived at the home, she said she went on the porch where the sister was to ask her why she was performing voodoo rituals on her.

She allegedly told officers that when she stepped onto the porch, her father stepped between the sisters. It was then that she saw the glass cat fly through the air past her head. According to reports she told officers she went to grab her sister but stopped when her sister’s daughter told her that her mother was bleeding.

Neither woman was arrested but both were informed of the warrant procedure. Neither wished to press charges.