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Sergeants hand ripped open by dog
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A Newton County sergeant is recovering after an aggressive dog bit his hand deep enough to require stitches early Sunday morning.

The sergeant responded to a call at a home on Hazelhurst Drive from a couple who said the dog would not let them out of their house. When the sergeant arrived he was able to get the dog away from the front door, but when he tried to use verbal commands to get the dog into the front yard the animal reportedly became aggressive and charged at him.

As the dog charged him, he attempted to hit it with his hand. The dog clamped onto the sergeant's hand, ripping the top of his hand open and leaving puncture wounds on the bottom side of his hand as well. The wound was so deep that his tendons were visible.

After pulling his hand loose the dog attempted to charge the sergeant once more and the sergeant shot the animal in self defense.

He was transported to Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta where he received 11 stitches to close the wound. The owner of the dog was located and Newton County Animal Control will handle the case from this point.