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Sensational 'Sister Act'
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It is always fun to attend a play or a concert at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, and the award-winning, direct-from-Broadway “Sister Act” is no exception to that stance.

Years ago, when I saw the original version of “Sister Act” starring Whoopi Goldberg in theaters nationwide, it was entertaining then. But watching it live on stage was a foot-stomping thrill.

The music is guaranteed to keep you wanting to clap your hands and tap your feet, and there is enough humor to get you smiling while your hands are engaged in their pronouncement of percussion.

The musical is set in the old Philadelphia street style, which spawned singers like Frankie Valli and the early Doo Wop groups, brought back great memories. Having been guided through my early life by nuns, educated and raised in the Catholic church, the play on words used throughout the play made me chuckle.

As far as the acting goes, Ta’rea Campbell was superb as Deloris and Hollis Resnik played a suffering Mother Superior to perfection.

It looked like opening night was close to a sellout.

“Sister Act” runs through April 28.

If you want to have a feel-good evening, I recommend you make an evening of it by catching “Sister Act” while it is here. You won’t be sorry.