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School threats occurring across the state
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This week there were two threats called in to two Newton County Schools. A week previous, there was another.

Along with that an undisclosed number of threats made to schools in Georgia, using prerecorded messages according to local law enforcement. These incidents are being investigated by authorities for a possible link.

Captain Ken Malcolm of the Covington Police Department told The News Friday that his department is working with the Newton County Sheriff’s Office and other agencies to discover the individual or group responsible.

“We are investigating the possibility that this type of message has been made in other school districts in the state,” Malcolm said.

Malcolm said the common denominator was that the threats are made via a prerecorded message that plays before disconnecting.

He added that these types of calls are usually hoaxes intended to disrupt the school day.

Porterdale Elementary and Cousins Middle School were both evacuated this week in response to such threats. Both schools were searched before being declared safe.

All students were taken outside their school, while authorities searched the premises. In each case parents were asked to not withdraw their students early and keep roads clear for public safety vehicles.

Malcolm said the threats against Porterdale and Cousins did not appear to be related to a Facebook. On the evening of Aug. 5 a Facebook threat was made against Newton County schools that prompted an overnight search.