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Sales tax holiday this weekend
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ATLANTA — This weekend’s Georgia sales tax holiday is coming a little late for parents in some school districts, including Newton County.

But if there’s still back-to-school shopping to do, Aug. 9–10 is the time that many items, such as clothing, school supplies and computers, can be purchased without paying state sales tax.

As with most things in life, however, there are a few catches. Only clothing items that cost $100 or less each are exempt. The same applies to school necessities such as backpacks. So, if your student has a taste for designer duds, those shoes and book bags that cost in excess of $100 wouldn’t qualify for the sales tax exemption.

When it comes to personal computers and related accessories, qualifying items must cost $1,000 or less apiece. And the exemption doesn’t apply to cellular devices or desks.

Shoppers can expect a little confusion. If, for example, your son needs a cuffed dress shirt for the school choir, you can buy that shirt without paying state sales tax. But, the cuff links (they’re considered jewelry) won’t be exempt.

the Associated Press contributed to this report.