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Review: Lynch offensive, but seriously entertaining
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Like a cyclone of humor and downright dirty wit, Stephen Lynch took the stage at The Varity Playhouse Thursday evening to promote his newest album "Lion." And while I wasn't quite a blushing fan girl this time, I was, as ever, impressed by both his live show and his new album.

For those unfamiliar with Lynch, think Adam Sandler - if he could sing and didn't make those stupid faces. With an intelligent frat boy air, he weaves tales of the most honest and oftentimes, offensive things. Expect cursing, expect to be a little offended; but somehow, you end up liking it and wanting just a tiny bit more.

Nothing is off limits with Lynch. From mocking trashy tattoos and ladies with lazy eyes, to sneaking into windows and using jerkiness to attract the opposite sex, "Lion" keeps you smiling all the way through. For me, a chick who digs off-color humor, it makes me laugh out loud. For the record, none of my tattoos are like those that were mocked, so I think I'm doing pretty good.

I could tell you about his background, where he lives and that he was nominated for a Tony for his work on the Broadway production of "The Wedding Singer," but that isn't funny. He is. That's why he has such a loyal fan base. The teens that discovered him when they themselves were frat boys continue to flock to him as adults, craving a laugh and some good music. Because let's face it, he's talented. He can play his instruments, he can sing, he can even do a mean New Kids on the Block dance.

For those familiar with his past albums, "Lion" is a little different. A two-disc (live and studio recordings) CD, it has many songs with a slower tempo. Instead of just the same old acoustic guitar, there's piano, harmonica, even banjo. He has others involved in the songs, not just randomly, but actively sharing the spotlight, like super soulful Courtney Jaye - Goggle her, she's seriously amazing, Rod Cone and some guy named Charlie, whose last name I could not find after searching for an hour.

But even though he's learned to share, the focus never shifts from his hilarious lyrics, which in no way hide the fact that under the profanity and humor, there lies a seriously talented musician. You can't help but have a little crush on the guy. He's the reason my son will learn to play guitar one day. Those guitar players get all the chicks.

"Lion" is available for pre-order on Amazon or through You can listen to snippets from some of the songs now. Because I am awesome, I received an advanced copy to review. And it's amazing. Even if it didn't come with a signature and a lock of hair.

Amber Pittman is a reporter for The Covington News. She can be reached at