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Q&A with the county county chairman
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This is the first of a series of Q&A sessions with various top elected officials in Newton County. To suggest questions for specific city or county issues, email reporter Rob Dewig at rdewig@covnews.

1. Why do some roads in Newton County look better than others?

I am responsible for mowing, maintenance and other tasks such as road side trash removal. Newton County has 780 miles of county roads. We have 4 tractors with bush hogs, a paving crew and currently 2 prison crews working daily to maintain your road system. . GDOT does the same for all state routes, such as Hwy 278, Hwy 162, Hwy 81, Hwy 36, Access Roads and the Interstate 20 Corridor.

2. Why is Newton County so appealing to the movie industry?

Newton County’s interstate makes for a close proximity to their studios in Atlanta. We welcome production companies and strive to work with them. Added to that, our different landscapes, homes and other assets make it easy for them to them to shoot on location close to their base camp. A rich history dating back to the 70’s TV shows is also invaluable. The chamber does a good job promoting Hollywood of the South.

3. How can the county help boost Economic Development?

Economic Development is a combined effort between the county and other entities such as the chamber, JDA, and IDA as well as the City of Covington.
Incentives are often given to those who seek to locate or continue to do business in our county. Wise decisions as to whom to offer those incentives are critical. Some businesses may fit our community better than others. For example, Baxter and their training facility locating here is a tribute to those combined efforts. Successes such as these are due to a regional approach rather than going it alone as a County. Collaboration equals success.

4. How can I ask The Chairman a question?

My door is always open, please feel free to contact me at 678-625-1225. My email address is You may also contact Rob Dewig at the Covington News,