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Prison ministry changing lives
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Scripturally Sound is a ministry that, while being faith-based, is dedicated to encouraging and assisting in building healthy lifestyles. Its mission statement is "To Inspire a Desire for Healthy Lifestyles Through Spiritual Growth."

"Our team has a unique and successful ministry that is touching many lives in a powerful way," said Pastor Kat White, director of the ministry.

The ministry is also supported by Pastor David Payne of The Church at Covington and Sheriff Ezell Brown who recognizes the impact it is having on the Newton County Jail population.

White, personally, is in contact with 27 released offenders, many of whom are now choosing to call on members of the ministry when they are in crisis, rather than their former drug dealer. He is also in touch with 38 family members of both incarcerated and/or recently released inmates. Five of the people he ministered in the Newton County Jail are now regular attendees and many more visit The Church at Covington.

While the largest portion of the ministry is in jails and prisons, it is not limited to that arena. In fact, program workers believe it essential to the success of the program that they remain in touch with and continue encouraging, teaching and ministering to people after they have left the jail and/or prison system. They also feel it is essential to work with the families of the incarcerated and are happy to do so.

The teaching program is named Success-Ability Life Skill Builders, a name that describes its goal - assisting the incarcerated and often times their families, with the necessary tools to allow them to achieve successful and healthy lifestyles. The ministry tries to pave the way for the incarcerated to develop a personal relationship with Christ. It also helps them to evaluate their current lifestyles, explore their weaknesses and strengths and develop the tools to overcome their weaknesses and capitalize on their strengths. The ministry seeks to draw a roadmap to journey from the old life that has claimed them as prisoner, to a new life that sets them free to live to their full potential. Choose to Live is the theme of the ministry.

The visitation ministry promotes changed lifestyles as well. The personal correspondence ministry ministers to around 400 people incarcerated in Georgia, Florida, Louisiana and Alabama. A team member recently began a ministry for death row inmates, called Life on Death Row. A monthly interactive newsletter gives the incarcerated a voice. The ministry is involved in many community events and it is continually looking for other areas of service.

The small, but growing, not-for-profit charitable organization continues to minister to achieve moral rehabilitation that allows for successful living for those who Choose To Live.

If you would like to assist the ministry or know someone who could profit from its help, please visit its website