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Pricey auto insurance in Covington
City among most expensive in state
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Covington drivers are paying more than most in Georgia for auto insurance, going against assumed statistics about population and density as indicators of such rates.

A survey conducted by ValuePenguin ranked Covington the sixth most expensive of 30 cities in the state for insurance rates based on a sample profile of a single, 30-year-old male driving a 2010 Toyota Camry.

The average cost in Georgia was $1,090 for the year, according to the survey. Not surprisingly, Atlanta ranked as the most expensive city ($1,263), followed by East Point and Milledgeville, meaning the sample driver there can expect to pay about 15 percent – or 1.5 times – more for insurance than drivers in other cities.

Average annual rates in Covington cost $1,170, which is seven percent higher than the state average.

On the other side of the spectrum, Valdosta earned the spot for cheapest rates, followed by Athens and Clayton.

Valdosta drivers, on average, pay only $885 annually for liability protection, 19 percent less than the state average.

Ting Pen, co-founder of ValuePenguin, said larger populations and higher density tend to be correlated with higher auto insurance costs, but this isn’t always the case for Georgia cities. This can be seen in Covington, which has a smaller population and lower density compared to Athens but has higher coverage rates.

“This points to other factors causing the city to rank as the sixth most expensive city,” Pen said in an emailed statement. “Generally speaking, a combination of more auto accidents and insurance claims, greater commute times and crime rate likely contributed to Covington’s higher auto insurance costs.”

The study was conducted by obtaining sample quotes from 30 cities across the state, including the five largest urban areas by population. Sample auto insurance quotes automatically reflect employment, homeownership, excellent credit and a clean driving record. Parameters for limits and deductibles used were higher than the minimum required to drive in Georgia.

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