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Police dispute kidnapping rumors
Facebook user says officer told her woman arrested on Black Friday
Covington police

COVINGTON, Ga. — Social media has been abuzz with rumors of an attempted kidnapping during the busy Thanksgiving shopping weekend.

Police say it isn’t true.

“We have not had any calls or reports about potential kidnappings,” Covington police public information officer Justin Stott said.

“Also, we did not arrest anyone in the Ross parking lot for any kind of kidnapping-related offense.”

The post said the incident happened Friday, Nov. 29, outside the Ross Dress For Less store at 3157 Elm St. NE. The writer said a woman tried to get in her SUV but got away. The writer said she and her family then drove to Walmart and approached a police officer and described the incident and suspect, and the officer told her the woman had been arrested for trying to take another child.

Stott said the Police Department planned to make a public statement about the allegations later today.

A similar Facebook post caused a stir in Monroe. A woman said a woman tried to take the child out of her car. Police Chief R.V. Watts said a review of surveillance video showed the woman was approached, but it appeared to be more of a panhandling situation and the child wasn’t threatened.

An attempt to reach the woman who made the allegations in Covington was not immediately answered. She appears to have taken down the post and made her Facebook page private.

This isn’t the first time in recent weeks for police to have to shoot down rumors on social media. Last month, police said reports of people being approached at Walmart were related to a church’s activities and not kidnapping. CPD took to Facebook itself and called the church “known to police and legitimate.”