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Pellet gun fired at two vehicles in Mansfield
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Two drivers reported their vehicles being shot at with a pellet gun while driving through Mansfield on Ga. Highway 11 Saturday afternoon.

Reports from the Newton County Sheriff’s Office indicate the first incident occurred at roughly 12:15 p.m. The driver was headed south on the highway when someone reportedly fired at the Newborn man’s Chevrolet Z71 and hit the driver side fender area, damaging to the door and the paint, causing approximately $350 worth of damage. According to the victim, the shot came from the east shoulder of the road in the city limits area.

Another man reported a similar incident a short time later, reportedly telling authorities that while driving his Chevrolet Silverado north on Ga. Highway 11 someone fired a pellet gun or air riffle at his vehicle as well, striking the truck just below the passenger window and causing around $350 damage. The Tifton man and his wife allegedly told deputies that he and his wife noticed the shot came from the east side of the roadway in the area of some large cedar trees.

Although no one was hurt and the vehicles sustained only minor damages, NCSO 1st Lt. Mark Mitchell says these situations are taken seriously and that it is being investigated at the time.

"It’s possible that it may be juveniles in the area," Mitchell said.