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Passed out mom hit with ball by children
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A call about a possible cardiac arrest on West Drive turned out to be a mom, passed out in the bushes Sunday evening.

On the way to the call, officers were told that there was a white female lying in a bush with kids playing around her. The caller stated that she had been lying there for 15 minutes and when the kids hit her with a ball she did not move. The white female was later identified as Alicia Owensby and has charges pending due to public intoxication and child cruelty.

When officers arrived, they found Owensby standing with a juvenile boy beside her. She was not stable on her feet and had a red mark on the side of her face from lying on the ground. According to reports, officers asked Owensby if she was OK, and she stated that she was fine. They then told her that someone had called the Covington Police Department because she had apparently passed out in the yard, but she stated she had not.

It was then the officers noticed she had red, blood shot eyes and she spoke with slurred speech. They then asked if she had any medical conditions that could have caused her to pass out. Owensby then became agitated with them and, according to the report, stated she didn't know why they were asking her medical questions and that she was a nurse.

She then begin walking toward the backyard and did not respond to verbal commands from the officers to stop, although they did attempt to tell her that they were only there to make sure she was OK. When she still wouldn't respond, an officer seized her right wrist. It was then that the officer smelled alcohol on the suspect's breath and person. Officers then detained Owensby and placed her in the back of an ambulance to be evaluated by a paramedic.

When the officers looked they found the 5-year-old juvenile boy, later identified as the suspects son, missing.

Officers went inside her residence to find in plain view in two ashtrays with marijuana remnants. There was also a half full shot glass with a clear alcohol inside of it. In the trash can was an empty half gallon bottle of Bacardi. The juvenile was found in the backyard.

The Department of Family and Children's Services was contacted and advised of the incident.