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Parents of newborn get into fight
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A woman recovering from childbirth and the father of her child got into a physical altercation at the hospital early Monday morning.

The baby was born Saturday, and Robbie Avery, along with the child's mother, were walking back from the NICU when they got into an argument. Once inside the room, the woman grabbed her phone to call her mother and Avery reportedly slapped it out of her hand. Avery said when he grabbed his phone to call his mother; the victim slapped his phone out of his hand.

He allegedly admitted to officers that he then hit her across the face and, when she tried to hit him back, he bit her hand. He told officers that he was defending himself and that "he was not going to let her just hit him and would defend himself by fighting back."

The victim's story was slightly different. She said that when they started arguing, she went into the bathroom and began crying and when she came out and tried to call her mother, he smacked the phone out of her hand. She said she attempted to push him away, which is when he bit and hit her. Officers noted that she had a visible bite mark on her hand and bruising to her face.

Avery was placed under arrest for Family Violence Act battery. He also had outstanding warrants for probation violation from Newton County. He reportedly threatened the mother of his child several times while being arrested and escorted from the hospital.

Mommy dearest
A mother and daughter were separated and instructed to stay away from one another late Saturday night after an argument between the two became physical.

When deputies from the Newton County Sheriff's Office responded to the home on Christian Circle, the mother told them she had been assaulted by her daughter. She reportedly told them her daughter had attempted to choke her and she called the police.
The daughter had a different story. She allegedly told deputies that she had been attacked by her mother because she forgot to bring her something from the store.

Both women blamed the other for initiating the altercation and both had some sort of minor injury. Since deputies were unable to figure out who the primary aggressor was in the fight, both were advised of the warrant and TPO process and were told (and agreed) to stay in separate rooms for the rest of the evening and not speak to one another.