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Parents and students flock to BOE meeting to protest dissolving Clements Theme
Board votes on FY11 tentative budget; raises millage rate
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More than 30 parents and teachers addressed the Newton County Board of Education while dozens more held signs protesting the board’s May 11th decision to dissolve Clements Theme School.


A common complaint seemed to be the lack of notice parents and students were given that the school was in danger of being closed and that they were not notified of the board’s decision.


The board also adopted a tentative budget for the Fiscal Year 2011. The budget is based on anticipated figures from both state and local funding as those numbers are not yet available. The budget can be changed up until June 15 when it is voted on.


The budget shows an increase in millage to 20 mills and a beginning fund of $5.8 million, with local revenue of roughly $44 million. The board voted to tentatively restore 80 paraprofessionals at 178 days and six-hours a day, to reinstate the graduation coach positions at the high schools, to increase the 403b annuity to 1 percent from the .5 percent they were proposing and to pay for a portion of middle school athletics, with the rest of the funds needed to fund the programs supplemented by a fee to parents of an amount as yet to be determined.


They also voted to keep $1.2 million built into the budget in case additional furlough days are required during the school year. That amount will pay for approximately three furlough days. This leaves an anticipated ending fund balance of $3.8 million on June 30, 2011 – the lowest it has ever been.


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