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Oxford police release annual numbers
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The Oxford Police Department has released its numbers by fiscal year through November, and in many
cases, numbers have gone down from fiscal year 2009-’10.

Yearly calls were at 1,259 in the 2009-’10 fiscal year, and have declined steadily. In 2012-’13, they were at 1,055 and in 2013-’14 year, thus far, they are at 502.

Yearly arrests have fluctuated, from 77 in 2009-’10 to 27 in 2011-’12; while yearly citations went up last year from 392 in 2011-’12 to 564 in 2012-’13. As of
now, the citations sit at 249.

Water projects

At its meeting last Monday night, the Oxford City Council also talked about different water projects. Anderson Grading & Pipeline’s low bid was accepted by the council for the Emory Asbury water project. Also, the Cook Road pressure reducing valve was installed and was put into service last week, the council reported.

The 12-inch pressure valve is helping to supply water to the southern part of the city.

Additionally, one of the pumps at Victoria Station will have to be replaced, since it failed last week due, at least in part, to a "90-gallon garbage cart of grease." The pump will need to be replaced and will cost nearly $3,000.